Saturday, September 7, 2013

Opening Day of the Washington State Fair!

We decided to take advantage of the free admission
on opening day of the fair . . .
despite the rainy conditions!
(We were sad that Valerie could not be with us,
as she was helping out in the church office for the day.
But grateful that she wanted to be a blessing in that way, 
and that Lydia was able to spend the day with her there!
Thank you, sweet girls! )

 And of course, the free samples of chocolate milk
are always a big hit,
and one of the first things we do! : -)
It also helps us get powered up for the
 annual tractor pull challenge!
 Timmy and Joe have been gearing up for this by riding their bikes up our steep hill every day!

 Ah, Timmy make it looks easy . . .

 I get a little confused with how they decide who wins and how with all the different age levels of kids and the different increments of weights that they increasingly add to the bucket in each round.
But I think Joe seemed to be the last man standing, so-to-speak!

By mid-day,
the weather cleared up just fine!

 And it was time for Joe to do some muttin-bustin!
This is his final year,
with being right on the weight and age limit!
(Givin' his best tough cowboy look! ;-)

 As you can see,
the sheep were a little extra slippery. . .
both with their wet wool,
and on the muddy ground!
So, he didn't make it too far!
However, he was still invited to go to the big rodeo
that evening and ride amongst all the real cowboys!  : -)

 Joe is still waiting in the line-up in this next photo,
but I put down the camera so I could get a video of his ride.
I'll see if Kyle can post the video!
 Joe has always wanted to win a belt buckle!
And this year he got one!!! 
This was a pretty sweet, monumental moment in the life of our little 6 year old!
 What a way to end his muttin-bustin career! : -)  


Meemom said...

Congratulations Joe on winning a buckle this year. Nice job!!!
That tractor pulling contest looks very challenging. Good thing they have a BIG hill to practice up for it. Enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks, Robyn. Love yall!!!! Meemom

Kelley said...

Love love love these pics! What a fun day it looks like you all had!!!

Lydia said...

WOW Joe! That's just awesome that you got to do Mutton Bust'n at the rodeo arena! And you got a neat buckle too!
Looks like you all had a very fun day. Valerie and I did too :-) I am glad that it did clear up for you a little later in the day.
Love you and see you all tomorrow!


AZDonna said...

Looks like a fantastic day. One year I was at Disney World with Brian and Carrie and it rained one morning, but we went to the parks anyway. It turned out to be the best because the crowds were very small and it was really cool temps. Who cares about a little rain when you're having fun!

Yay Joe! Bringing home the belt buckle must have been awesome!

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