Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fun With Our New Friends!

 Last weekend at the home school picnic,
one of the awesome families invited us to a dance they were hosting at their house.
Even though it was about a two hour drive for us,
we thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some more time with our new friends,
and get to meet even more new friends!  : -)
We left the house at 10:30am,
and returned home at 11:00pm!
But it was well worth the long day!!  
We had SO MUCH FUN!!!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is a picture we snapped of the nervous novice dancers
just before leaving home.
 When we first arrived and while things were getting ready for the dance,
we tried our hand at another fairly-new-to-us activity . . . volleyball! 

Well, most of us that is! : -)

 A little while later,
it was time to do a little practicing before the official start of the dance.
This just had such a wonderful, old-fashioned feel,
with the young gentleman playing the fiddle in the middle! : -)
We loved it!
(The following dance pictures really don't do justice to the amazing ambiance of the evening. 
So, after looking at the pictures here, hop over to Kyle's blog for a little video,
so you can get the full effect with sound and all!)
A few of the dances have you changing partners throughout the dance,
which is pretty cool!
I know the following picture looks a little disorganized,
almost as if they don't know what they are doing
but I'm sure this is just a part of this particular dance! : -)

Then, it was time to practice the Virginia Reel.
Unfortunately, as Caroline was finishing up the "peel the banana"
part of the dance,
she twisted her ankle real good,
which caused quite a bad sprain.
Poor dear, had to sit out with her foot propped up for the rest of the evening.
The following picture was snapped just a split second before she went down. : -(

Everyone was so kind and caring.
Someone grabbed a chair,
someone went and got some frozen peas,
and another mom had some special pain relieving cream and some ibuprofen to give her.
Here, Daddy and Kyle carried her off the "dance floor" . . .   

to a place where she had a front row seat to enjoy watching the rest of the dancing!  : -)

Timmy and  Joe had a lot of fun playing in the nearby creek with the other young boys!
And Benjamin enjoyed doing this most of the evening . . .
Here, Mommy is doing the Virginia Reel with Joe!
 Can't remember what this one is called.
Valerie thinks it was a waltz of sorts. : -)

 This is the Posties Jig!

 This one is called "Marie's Wedding."
 And this one is the "Irish Washerwoman."
Kyle and Valerie started around the mid-line.

There are many other pictures,
but this is probably enough for now! : -)
And to get the REAL feel of what it was like,
(the pictures REALLY don't do the dances justice!)
please check out Kyle's blog for a VIDEO of the Posties Jig!!! 
Sure was a FUN time!!! 



Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

We so enjoyed seeing your family there! We had a wonderful time and you all did great!

We hope your sister gets well soon!

Meemom said...

Sure looks like a good time. So sorry Caroline got a sprained ankle.
Hope it is all better now. Caroline, you need to suggest putting in a wooden dance floor..

Very cute pictures. Everyone one of the Bowes clan looks very photogenic.
Spoken like a true grandmother. Much love, Meemom

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