Wednesday, October 3, 2012

End of Summer?

Well, here in Western Washington,
we are having a nice little extension to summer!
 October has started with continued,
unusally dry and warm conditions! 
So, we recently decided to take the canoe and small boat out on the nearby "pond"!  
Here, Kyle is doing one of the boys' favorite things . . .
catching a frog for his little brothers to love and care for! ;-)

This photo was taken just after we had an amazing show of just how quick Victoria's reflexes are . . .
when the frog decided he would rather keep his sweet life in the pond rather than partake of our TLC. :-(  

Here the frog is getting introduced to his littlest caretaker,
and looking around at his new surroundings
as he settles in nicely for a long boat ride.

This is the first and only catch of the day!

Which one of these things doesn't belong? : -)

And Kyle says,
"Ah, this is the life!"


The Bowes Quadruplets said...

HEY! I rowed most of some of the time;O)!


AZDonna said...

Wish it was end of summer here in Arizona. Hopefully, this week was the last of the triple digits, but it's been a scorcher of a summer.
Enjoy your fall! ♥

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