Friday, September 28, 2012

Timothy Turns 8!

Here's the birthday boy!
 Yum!  Everyone loved his pick for breakfast . . . fruity crepes!
 Oh boy!  Nothing like getting a new bike
when you're 8!
Thank you, Meemom and PapaBob!
 And . . . your very first digital camera! 
Thank you, Aunt Kelley!!!
Timothy had sooooo much fun
taking pictures all day!
The next 9 pictures are a few of Mommy's favorite picks from Timmy's first photos! 
(Do you see something. . . or someone. . . 
in the photo below? ;-)
 The picture below reminds me of a page out of a children's picture book Meemom and PapaBob have at their house . . .
Big Bro . . . . Little Bro!

 A little picnic lunch with the family!

We had a wonderful visit in the afternoon by Timmy's most FAVORITE biggest sister! : -)
She made us ALL smile with her gift of homemade confetti fudge!


Then, we enjoyed dinner and a little party with our new friends and neighbors!
Timmy's pick for dinner was meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Atta boy!

 One of the kids' favorite party games . . .
throw the parachute guy over the loft
and try to land him in a bucket!

 Then, pin the tank on the target!


 It was a super, duper fun day had by all!
This last picture is one of Timmy's photos
taken as the sun was setting!


AZDonna said...

Timmy and Steven (Robin's youngest) are really close in age. Steven turned 8 on Sept 16. Happy birthday, Timmy!!

Lydia said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! Looks like it was a very fun day for Timmy!

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