Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Delight to My Soul

As we celebrate each of the quadruplets individually during this birthday season in our family, I ran across a couple Bible verses recently that were so timely, and that I just really rejoiced over.  It is interesting that they both have the word "delight" in them and are speaking of God in one and a son in the other.  And this is how they both come together in my mind and mean so much to me right now. 
"Discipline your son,
and he will give you peace,
Psalm 29:17
 Amen!  This is so true!  Kyle brings us such DELIGHT!!! 
He is such an awesome son! 
Thank you Lord, for such a gift and blessing!
I just love him so much!
For his birthday breakfast he chose Dutch Babies
with apple and strawberry topping!
Oh boy!  Great choice!

For dinner he asked for BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes,
brown bread and apple pie and confetti cake for dessert!

The other Bible verse is found in Micah 7:18
where it talks about how our God DELIGHTS
in showing mercy.
Isn't that wonderful to know! 
And I rejoice over this for sooooo many reasons!
But I am so grateful for this particularly in my parenting. 
I have made and continue to make so many mistakes as a parent,
and the children see my sin everyday!  
And yet, God delights in showing mercy!
The other thing I rejoice over as we celebrate the quadruplets is the mercy God showed us in blessing us with four babies at once.  There's a lot to say about why this means so much to me,
but I'll save that for another time. :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thank you, thank you Father for your mercy!  


Anonymous said...

We are so delighted with this Grandson as he shows his dedication to Jesus Christ and his family. Grammie and Papa

Lydia said...

I know I speak for all of 'us girls' when I say that Kyle is a delight to all of his sisters as well as to his parents! We love ya bro!!!!

It has been so wonderful to watch has Kyle grows in the wisdom and understanding of the Lord. I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. His blog posts are very impressive...I hope that it will reach some folks who need to hear the Good News! You are a blessing to us Kyle!

Very handsome pictures!


AZDonna said...

You have raised a very special young man, that's for sure. And how well I remember those days of trust and expectation before God brought those four babies along to you. What a blessing from above!

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