Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy "Sweet 16", Victoria!

Happy 16th birthday, to one very SWEET young lady!
We are so very proud of you,Victoria,
and the way you have grown up to be such a lovely, Godly young woman!  
We love your sweet and funny presence in our home daily 
and we can't imagine what life would be like without you!!! 
We are sooo grateful for your wonderful sense of humor,
and how you make us smile and chuckle and laugh every day! 
You bring us such JOY!!!
You were such an adorable, full-of-life little girl,
and now you have grown into such a beautiful young lady,
with such a gentle and quiet spirit!
We are so grateful for how the Lord has created you with such special and unique gifts and abilities,
and for how He has spared your life sooooo many times! 
He has such great things planned for you!
Keep on walking with the Lord and seeking and serving Him with all your heart,
and in whatever you do, you will succeed!!
And you will continually bring Him glory and honor,
as you walk in the deeds He has prepared for you. 
We love you, Victoria!    



Monkey bread for breakfast,
and chicken-broccoli stir-fry over rice for dinner.  

 Cake and lemon ice-box pie for dessert!


Lydia said...

I love you Victoria! Happy Birthday almost! ;-) I am SO blessed to have you as a sister...and a BEST FRIEND!!!!!

Meemom said...

That is my granddaughter!!! Two
desserts for dinner!!!!

You have been such a cutie from the very beginning and still are...
We love your smile and sense of humor. You and your siblings are such a blessing to us.

Kinda hate to see you all grown up, but guess that is a necessary
part of life. You are all such beautiful people (inside and out) and I know you will stay that way. Love you so much, Papa Bob and Meemom

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