Thursday, October 11, 2012

Delight to My Soul - Part 2 : -)

To know Kyle, is to love him! 
 He is just one big (all 6'4" of him), fun-lovin', easy-going,
God- honoring young man!  
He is also the best, most-loving and loyal brother anyone could ever have!

Kyle is very happy and honored to gain such an awesome new brother in Richie, and to have been a groomsmen in his favorite big sister's wedding!
(I'm sure he'll be even happier once their drive-through window is open for business! :-) 

Kyle reminds me so much of all the wonderful things I love about his father!  (Both his earthly and heavenly father!)  He is witty, hard-working, upright, super-smart, caring, generous, and seeking daily to walk humbly with our God and be a bold ambassador for Him!
And to show his funny, fun-lovin side . . .



grammie and papa said...

love those wonderful grandkids

Meemom said...

These pictures are wonderful!!!!!
Cannot believe it has been 16 years since the glorious occasion of the quad's birth.

We are so proud of each of you. Such a blessing to everyone who knows you. We love you, Meemom

Cathy Willoughby said...

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing your quads all grown up. God is good!

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