Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy "Sweet 16", Valerie!

Happy Birthday, Valerie Hope!
We are so thankful for these 16 years with you!
You have brought soooo much sweetness into our home!
And we have thoroughly enjoyed watching you blossom into a Godly young lady!
It is especially exciting to see the passion He has given you to bring HOPE to orphans, and for how He is blessing your efforts.
We know you will bear much fruit for His kingdom as you continually abide in Him!
Thank you for blessing us everyday with your gentle and quiet spirit and for your sweet servant's heart!
We love you so much!

Stuffed french toast with fruit sauce for breakfast, chicken fried pork chops with dilly beans for dinner, and "death by chocolate" cake for dessert!
(Valerie has a dream to one day visit orphans in another country.
She has been raising money with her dog breeding for such a trip.
We are in the beginning stages of helping her dream come true!
And we're praying she (and all of us ;-) just might be blessed with 
an additional little heart's desire! : -)
Her birthday celebration ended with a rip-roarin' game
of Mad Gab with Lydia and Richie!


Lydia said...

I love you Valerie!!!!! You're so sweet, and kind, and loving, and I've missed seeing you every day since Richie and I got married! Thanks for everything you've done for me, and thank you for blessing so many people with your sweetness and servant's heart!

Meemom said...

You were a very adorable little girl who has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Your heart is just as beautiful. We love you so much, Meemom and Papa Bob

Meemom said...

I was not surprised to see who is holding the watch and helping oput by being the official timer person. Love, Meemom

AZDonna said...

I've always thought Valerie looked the most like you, Robyn. All of you Bowes girls are true beauties, inside and out!

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