Sunday, October 12, 2008

Timmy Playin' Ball

Joseph and I were watching yesterday's family baseball game from our upstairs master bedroom window. I decided to give my new camera's 18X zoom a try. Since they were taken through a dirty window, they're not great, but it was fun trying it out.
This first picture was taken at normal range from the window. You can barely see Timothy on third base.
Here he is a little closer:)
Can you see his tongue peeking out?
Looks like we have an up and coming pitcher for the Mossyrock Vikings!


quadgranny said...

Those are some really cute pictures. Better watch out Kyle;
Timothy might pass you up in his pitching skills.

Love you all so much, Meemom

LEE said...

The picture of Timmy throwing the ball is a once in a lifetime picture. Great job Chocolate Loving Momma with a brand new camera.

Timmy with the hole in his jeans, rubber boots, smile on his face and the ball in the air tells a very happy story. You caught Timmy with a big “Look at me throwing the ball. What fun. I‘m a big boy now”

I love it,


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