Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Determined Lot We Are . . .

. . . . or is it a lost cause? Can you see how the border of the puzzle we started last week has been destroyed. . . . at the hands of an adorable little just-turned-two-year-old. . . again? (If you can't be good . . . at least be cute! Right?!)
Can you tell that the puzzle is hiding out in a closet, hoping to avoid any further disturbances?
Just before I snapped this photo, Victoria turned up two of the blue border pieces we had searched for last night to no avail. We figured they might be somewhere in Joseph's digestive track at this point, but wait . . . they have been found and rejoined! So off I go to reconstruct it . . . one more time!

1 comment:

quadgranny said...

It takes alot of brain power to stay a step ahead of the 2 year old. Sounds like you all have stepped up to the challenge. So does everyone gather in the closet to work on the puzzle???

Timothy is more brave than Meemom to let a bug crawl on him.

Sure do miss you all. Much love, Meemom

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