Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Findings

I woke up this morning to this . . .

Remember I mentioned we still had more fresh apples that were given to us that needed to be eaten or processed some how in the next few days? Well, Lydia and Valerie thought of a great idea! They made pancakes with apple topping for breakfast! And scrambled eggs too!

After breakfast, I set out on a mission . . . to get dinner in the crock pot, and get two little people bathed, dressed, out the door, to Walmart and photographed for their annual birthday portraits. Thankfully, I had lots of help at home, and Ted was able to meet me at Walmart to help out. It sure was a good thing he was there . . .because Joseph did not at all see the need for such silly things. With Ted's years of experience at this sort of thing, he worked wonders, and I think we managed to get a couple portraits . . . not sure how good they are, but at least we have something! I wanted to snap a couple pictures of them here at the house before we left, but I was running late, and it was COLD outside, so I'll have to get some maybe on Sunday:)

Then, Ted took the "littles" home so I could proceed to my next mission . . . finding the rest of the fabric for the Bowes girls' Christmas tier skirts. After about two or three hours in Joann's I'm very happy with my finds . . . and so are the girls! Yippee! Now, just need to go make this into four tier skirts:)

After running a few more errands, which of course included a trip to Costco, I came home to some really amazing finds! (By the way, did you know that Costco will give you back any rebate amount that happens to be advertised after you purchased the item at full price? Just have to have the receipt and it must be within 30 days! I found this out when I saw the Christmas tree that we purchased on behalf of Meemom and Papa Bob last Saturday that now had a $50 rebate attached to it. So I inquired at the returns desk about their policy on this, and she gave me the $50.00 back! Yahoo!)

This was the first find the kids showed me . . . some sort of bird that was hanging in our fencing today! Poor thing broke its neck somehow. Ted is pretty sure it is a pheasant. Interesting.

Then, they took me out front to show me this . . .

They found this little tree out in the tall grass, uprooted it, and transplanted it! Then, they made the decorative rock border and planted bulbs in front of it:) How cool!

Now, the next find, I am really glad I was not home for! Kyle began to explain to me that the staple gun he is holding does not shoot staples out the front of it like a regular stapler would. He found out the hard way that it shoots staples out the back, and depending on how it is being held at the time. . . they can shoot right into one's hand. They told me that the staple went all the way in and was flush with his skin. Ted had to pull it out with pliers! Are you still with me? Hmmm . . . does he need a tetanus booster for that? Don't think it was rusty . . . of course, here in Washington it is possible!

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quadgranny said...

Never a dull mement at the Bowes ranch.

I guess you heard that papa Bob wanted to know if you all found that little tree in the tall grass at our place. I tried to assure him that I did not think so. That was so nice of you children to plant the tree and do the bulbs around it. I bet it will be really pretty before long.

Those apple pancakes looked delicious. Were they as good as they looked???

Kyle, I am so sorry you got a staple in your hand. Good thing mommy was not at home as you would have had to have picked her up off the doubt.

The fabric for the skirts looks like they will be so pretty. I will be anxious to see the finished product.

Love you all bunches, Meemom

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