Friday, October 3, 2008

"Army Timmy"

On Saturday, September 20th, we had a really fun time celebrating Timothy's 4th birthday with Papa Bob, Meemom, Kelley, McKenna and McKenna's friend, Caitlynn!

(Thank you, Meemom, for the use of your wonderful camera for the event! I sure appreciated it!)

After much thought, browsing on the internet, and Mommy ordering what she thought was what the birthday boy wanted for his fourth birthday party theme, it turned out that he was quite sure that this original party theme was not REALLY what he wanted. What he REALLY wanted was a "jet" party. So one quick dart into the party store (during a potty break in Puyallup, just before reaching the fair) turned up a great possibility! An "army" theme with jets as part of the decorations! Hooray! Everyone is happy! And I think Joseph will LOVE the first set of party supplies for his upcoming second birthday! They are really more perfect for him anyway!

Right away, Timothy came up to me with a marker and wanted me to write "Army Timmy" on his party hat.


It wasn't your singing . . . . . REALLY . . . it was just the volume hitting young sensitive ears:)

"Army Timmy" requested strawberry cake for his party. Somehow his Mommy couldn't imagine a pink party cake for an "army" themed party! So, to solve this problem, Mommy made the cake a yellow cake with vanilla frosting and made strawberry and chocolate cupcakes! Yum!

For one of our games we needed plastic army parachute men. Good thing for them we checked their parachutes before dropping them from the balcony . . . . there was some assembly required. The Chinese people are very good at a lot of things, but I guess they aren't too good when it comes to parachuting . . .

Thanks to all our party guests who "jumped' into action and attached all 15 parachutes to the army men.

Meemom was especially good at this game!

Thanks so much for all the really cool gifts! He sure is enjoying them all!

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