Friday, October 3, 2008

Feeling Green . . In a Good Way!

Last Saturday we celebrated Caroline's 12th birthday! So when she woke up Saturday morning . . . the house was decorated with green streamers, green balloons, a green table cloth, green plates and even a green birthday cake!

Her favorite pick for a meal was breakfast, and she chose strawberry cream cheese filled crepes.

We decided this year that instead of all four quadruplets buying each other gifts, we had them draw names so that they could buy one, really nice gift for one of their siblings. But the night before Caroline's day, Timothy decided he wanted in on the gift-giving action too! When he disappeared for a long while late that night (and got very quiet) we knew he must be up to something. We heard him up in the loft, and when we called up to see what he was up to, he said he was "making" a gift for Caroline. Turns out, he was "gathering" a gift for Caroline . . . a couple DVD's, a little plastic horse, etc. So we wrapped these things up, along with a pair of earrings I had tucked away for just a moment like this! Oh, and he also made a very special card for her. She is holding it in her hand in the following picture.

And here she is opening the DVD's as Timothy looks on in excitment.

Kyle drew Caroline's name, and she dropped some hints that she would really like . . .

A horse trailer for she and Victoria to play plastic horsey with.

Speaking of plasic horsey, here's a new one to add to their collection . . .

And her request for a special evening, included watching America's Funniest Videos over at Meemom and Papa Bob's house. And that's where we sang happy birthday to Caroline and enjoyed her GREEN cake:)

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quadgranny said...

Wow Caroline. What a green evening you had!!! That was the greeniest cake I have ever seen.

Looks like you a a great time and I am so glad, but you deserve it!! You are one sweet young lady and I cannot believe you are almost 12!!!!

So nice of Timothy to worry about a gift for you!!!

Sure do miss all of you, Love, Meemom

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