Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This One's for Joe!

Our Joe is into all kinds of reptiles right now!   We recently took him to a reptile presentation at our local library.  These are a few of the critters that we saw . . ..  

A couple hours after this presentation,
there was another one (hosted by this man's son) in Chehalis. 
So, Joe wanted to go to that one too!
Since Daddy took him to that one, I wasn't there with my camera, but they told me that there were lots of different critters . . . like an alligator, a cobra and a rattlesnake and a Sulcata tortoise (like the one Joe owns).  Now he wants to go to their Reptile Zoo in Monroe, WA for his birthday! :-)


Lydia said...

That is so cool! I've been dying to know what Homer thought of the cactus piece Joe took home for him...do you know?

The Bowes Family said...

Oh, Homer LOVES the cactus piece you gave him! About the same time you were leaving your comment here, I was watching Homer devour it!!! It seems to be like candy for him! :-) Joe said he gives him little portions at a time, since it seems to be such a delectable treat! Thank you for being so thoughtful to get that for him!!!

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