Sunday, July 23, 2017

Boating with PapaBob and Meemom!

So happy to have PapaBob and Meemom here for the summer! 
We were very excited to get them out on their pontoon boat! 
 No worries. . . Ben's at the wheel! 
 We've taken tubing to a whole new fun level. . . .well, I guess for the ones on the boat . . . 
 with throwing water balloons at the tube riders!

 Docked the boat for a little fun looking for clams!  

 Brielle has been afraid of getting on the tube! 
I think this was her first time!!! 

 And she loved it!! 

Taylor and PapaBob comparing sandwiches . . .which one was better? 
 We always have yummy snacks and drinks for treats on the boat,
that we don't normally have!  Such a fun part of boating!  
 A few of the happy boaters! :-)  
(We were down by two . . .
Kyle was at an all-day volleyball tournament, and Valerie was hiking Mt. Adams with some friends!) 

 I really love all the facial expressions on the tube riders! 
I always take lots of pictures to try to capture those expressions,
but then it is hard to choose which ones to post!  :-) 
Here's just a few!! 
(Sorry about the blurry ones!!!) 


Ted and Karen said...

Looks like great fun for all! Good job Brielle being brave enough to try the tube. Looked like Taylor & Joe got dumped.Great pictures, Robyn. We could almost feel the wind and spray. G & P

Meemom said...

So Much fun and so beautiful out there!!!!!

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