Monday, July 10, 2017

July Fourth Festivities and Family Fun!

On Monday, July 3rd, we were very blessed to have a special visit by Ted's Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn, along with their daughter, Karen, and her husband, Terry.  Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn (Ted's dad's sister) live in Michigan and Florida, and Terry and Karen live in Wyoming. 

Looks like most everyone is in this picture, except the photographer, Kyle, and Timmy!
Papa and Grammie were still en-route on the Amtrak train from Arizoma.  We picked them up later that night.
 On July 4th morning, we took them all for a ride on Papa Bob and Meemom's pontoon boat! 
It was a lovely day!
(A few of the big kids stayed back on land for this tour!)

 Then, later in the afternoon, we had our traditional 4th of July BBQ and get-together back at the house with Richie and Lydia. 

 Aunt Marilyn and Marilyn! : -) 

 The Aunties! 

 Valerie made an amazing blueberry-cream-cheese crumb pie!
And Victoria made a super delicious triple chocolate cream pie which got gobbled up in such a hurry, I wasn't able to get around fast enough for a picture! :-)
 Benny had the lead part in the Bowes Bro's Fireworks Extravaganza opening ceremonies!

 The boys put on an amazing fireworks show for us!  
Then, next day, it was back to All-Stars baseball!  
More pictures of that soon! 


Taylor Smith said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! Thank you for taking them and posting them!

Lydia said...

That was so much fun as usual... amazing food and such an extra special time with family who we don't get to see very often! Like Taylor said...thanks so much for taking all of those photos and posting them for all of us to enjoy!

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