Monday, July 10, 2017

End of Tim's All-Star Baseball Experience!

Timmy had a great experience playing on the All-Star team this year.  
He played on third base most of the time and made some amazing plays! : -) 
He also did some pitching and a little bit of left fielding. 
Their last game was an especially tough loss.  
They played one of the top-rated teams and lost it by one point in the last inning . . .11 to 12! 
But we were so proud of them that they kept it so close! 

 This was the huddle after an impressive win! : -) 
 The next several pictures were taken at the opening ceremonies for the State All-Star tournament this past week. 

 Huddle after another exciting win! 

Timmy is on the pitcher's mound. 
 Papa and Grammie were able to see two of the games!  
One on Thursday . . . for the win! 
And one on Friday . . .the tough loss in the last game!   

 Awww....leaving the baseball fields for the last time this year. . . . 
So that last loss called for a trip to Cold Stone Creamery!!! :-)

1 comment:

Lydia said...

I am sorry they had so many losses, but I hope it still fun for T! He did so good keeping his spirits high through the whole thing! 😉

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