Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Eve and Day Snow Storm!

We received about 9 inches or so of snow last weekend! 
It was soooo pretty! 
And soooo fun! 
 Most of the pictures below are of Victoria riding in the snow! 
That's the first thing she loves to do when there is fresh snow on the ground!
(These first two pictures are taken by Caroline! : -) 

  This is Victoria and Belle. 
She chose Belle to ride bareback, as she had a blanket on and so her back was dry,
unlike the two other horses! 

 Nothing like hot cocoa by the fire after playing in the snow! 

 Joe was a little discouraged with his snow-angel-making,
as Sadie didn't understand that she wasn't supposed to run through it and mess it all up! 


Meemom said...

Guess the best made snow angels do not always survive. Sorry about that, Joseph. Ted, I would have a happy Birthday too if I had someone making me yummy meals several times during the day.
Hope you have a wonderful new year ahead! After all, 50 isn't THAT OLD. Pictures of the snow are so pretty. Love you, Meemom

Victoria Bowes said...

Oh my! Those pictures of Ben with the hot chocolate are SOOOO adorable!!! We all sure enjoyed the snow. :) Great pictures!!

Caroline Bowes said...

Such beautiful pictures! And I absolutely LOVE those ones of Benny with his hot-cocoa. Couldn't be any cuter!! :-)

Taylor Smith said...

Oh wow those pictures are so cool!!
Riding horses in the snow like that looks like great fun!!

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