Monday, January 30, 2017

January Family Fun . . .

To the bike park! 

Daddy and the boys stayed back at the bike park while us girls went to the coffee shop! : -)

 Saturday, we had the blessing of ice-skating with a bunch of awesome friends!
The picture taking was challenging through the plexiglass walls! 

   These are all the awesome friends that were there. 
The first one is missing Ryan and Anna. Then, they jumped in for the second one. 
 We're also missing John, who was taking the picture! : -( 


Elanee said...

Such a blessing to see you all again. Thank you for sharing these photos Mrs. Bowes.


The boys look like VERY skilled bikers, We would like "Victoria's COFFEE"
and the skating looks very "COOL". Thanks for the pics.

Meemom said...

You girls made the right decision. (leaving the bike park for coffee) It all looks like a fun time. Love the pictures!!

Taylor Smith said...

Oh those pictures are awesome!! caught me red handed cutting people off! Lol.

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