Sunday, January 15, 2017

From a Mother's Heart . . .

My heart is feeling so sad this weekend seeing the grief Victoria is going through with a very unexpected and significant loss of her super special boer doe that had just delivered triplets.
Roxi was so special because she was born here to Crossroads Boer Goats, as part of Victoria and Caroline's hard work in researching and producing quality show goats. 
At the national show in Nebraska in 2015, at just 10 months old, she was highly respected
and judged to have a very promising future ahead. 
Indeed, Roxi went on to win many other victories in the show ring!
~ ~ ~ ~
When Victoria made the difficult decision a year or so ago to leave the boer goat industry, she sold most all of her herd, but it was hard to think of parting with Roxi, and she wanted to see what beautiful kids she might produce.  This was Roxi's first breeding, and she was having some complications at the end of her pregnancy.  As it turned out, Victoria ended up delivering the triplets about 8 days early this past Friday, and two bucks were already stillborn.  Victoria took the surviving buck and Roxi to the vet shortly after the delivery to have them checked out.
That night, Roxi passed away very suddenly.
Then, just this morning, the third buck died, 
despite the round-the-clock nursing by Caroline and Victoria. 
It is just so hard to comprehend such an unexpected, profound loss.
Her heart aches, and so does mine for her.  :-(

Please pray for her as she processes this.  
Pray that the Lord will comfort her heart as only he can do. 
And that she will find strength and comfort in knowing 
that the Lord is working all things together for her good.

 Victoria is also feeling so sad over the loss of two additional goat kids that she delivered to a good friend's special doe.  Victoria is watching the doe here for her friend as long as is needed. This doe also delivered triplets, just a day or two before Roxi's triplets.

Victoria is so experienced, and knows all the right things to do. 
 She takes such tremendously good care of her goats and goes above and beyond the call of duty to care for them.  She has worked sooooo hard through the years and has learned soooo much!
She has never experienced this kind of significant loss.  
It is so hard not to know the why's behind all the sickness and death.
Victoria keeps wondering if there was something more she could have done if she just knew what the problems were.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
But . . we are sooooo very thankful for what we DO KNOW . . . 
 God loves Victoria so very much!
He is good in all things!
He has a wonderful plan for Victoria!

This is true for you too, dear friend, if you know the Lord and are going through difficult trials!
He will bring you through as He works everything together for your good!


Elanee said...

Oh I feel for Victoria, and I know what it's like to loose animals you love. I'll be pryaing for her, and trusting that God will comfort her at this time. Please pass along my love and prayers to her! Love you all!

Meemom said...

Praying for you, Victoria, at this difficult time. When bad things happen, it always seems we try to figure if we could have done something different to bring about a different outcome. Knowing you as we do, we know you did all that was possible. It is just one of those things that will always remain a mystery. But we know that God knows and things will eventually work for your good because you love the Lord so much. So sorry for the pain of this at this time. Hopefully you can start feeling happier before too long. You are such a special young lady and we love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eden said...

So sorry for you, Victoria. :( I'll be praying for you. <3

Victoria Bowes said...

Aww, thank you so much Elanee, Meemom, and Eden! That means so much to me. It was a pretty rough weekend but the support from my family, friends and Heavenly Father was amazing. God is still good and I completely trust in His plan. He has upheld me and brought joy to my soul even in those hard hours!

Psalm 94:19 "When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul"

Love you all!

Victoria Bowes said...

Thank you, Mom, for your love and support through it all!!! That meant the world to me! I love you sooo much!

Taylor Smith said...

That's is sooo sad. I feel so bad for you Victoria and the whole family. That was a massive tragedy. I know you did everything you could for her and the kids but the Lord had another plan for you. The Lord uses all things for our good. Not always easy to see but keep trusting the Lord. I will keep praying big time.

Victoria Bowes said...

Thank you so much Taylor. That's so encouraging.

Yes He does!!

Taylor Smith said...

Oh I'm glad!

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