Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Few Random Pictures!

These pictures Lydia took when Benny went to spend a day recently hanging out 
with her and Richie, 
and helping them out on their farm! :-)
He loves that time with them sooooo much!!! 
(I stole borrowed them from her FB page! ; -) 
First one up . . . picking cherries. . . ;-)

This picture of Richie and Lydia I just found on Meemom's camera when I was taking some Christmas photos off of her SD card. : -) 
It was from Richie's birthday party back in August. 
Aren't they cute???  Love them soooo much! 
 The next two photos are two of the photos that Meemom took on Christmas! 

This was taken on New Year's Eve . . .
Valerie was making chicken taquitos at PapaBob and Meemom's house! Yum!
  We had quite the wild party with playing Scrabble on New Year's Eve!
 A sweet moment caught on camera! 
 This was an impromptu cowboy/cowgirl dress-up show Benny started . . .
The only problem was that W. didn't have a hat!
So we went shopping the next day and found him one!  
We'll be updating this photo soon!


Meemom said...

Love the pictures!!

Meemom said...

Maybe Benjamin is going to be a farmer. He sure seems to love that farm.

Victoria Bowes said...

What awesome pictures!! Such good times!! Those pictures of Ben are SO adorable!

Caroline Bowes said...

Aww!! Those are adorable pictures of Benny! :)

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