Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy 50th Birthday, Daddy!

We took him out for a birthday eve dinner at Red Robin! 

 He requested a 3-meat egg and potato scramble for breakfast,
along with  . . . .

 Caroline's most amazing danish ever! 
She made it blueberry, of course! 
 We love you, Daddy! 
Carrot cake for dessert! 


Ted and Karen said...

Ted is a not only a great daddy but an awesome son. We love you Ted. Can't believe you are 50!! Mom and Dad Dad says,if Ted is 50 what does that make me? I still feel 50.

Caroline Bowes said...

Oh my, that progression of pictures in Red Robin with Daddy and Brielle is priceless. I must say that little fry thief is pretty cute. :) :)

Couldn't agree with you more Grammie and Papa. We're all so blessed by Daddy!

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