Saturday, August 20, 2016

Meemom's Arrival!

We're happy to have Meemom here from Arizona!
She arrived safe and sound on Thursday late afternoon!
We have lots of fun things planned and sure enjoy just having her close!
But not-so-pleased about the Phoenix heat she brought with her! ;-)
It's been around 100 degrees here yesterday and today. 
Not so fun for this thankfully former desert dweller!
I think I'm melting!
So I'm helping myself cope by counting down the days until autumn!!!!
Only 32 days!!!
My favorite time of year is coming soon!!!!
Woo hoo! :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Oh, yeah, but I digress. . . . we're so glad Meemom's here!
(And it sure is nice visiting with her in her air conditioned home.  : -)

1 comment:

AZDonna said...

So disappointed I just missed Meemom! Have a great visit. Tell her I loved her beautiful home.

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