Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blueberry Festival Parade!

Saturday morning, before the horse ride on the beach,
our family, along with our dear friends,
 enjoyed helping Kyle advertise his lawn care business down Main Street
in our town's annual Blueberry Festival Parade!
Some of our group walking from where we parked the horse trailers
to where Kyle was in the parade line-up. 

 Daddy came up with an idea to help include Benjamin in the parade.
Benjamin just got his police outfit for his birthday.
So, Daddy made a sign that said, "Mowing your own lawn" on one side,
and "Is a Crime" on the other side for Ben to carry down the parade route.
He was a big hit!
 A few pictures as we were waiting and getting ready in the parade line-up. 



 Ben decided he really didn't want to be in the parade . . .
thus, the downcast face below . . .

  Warming up on the side street before the turn down Main Street!


 Now on Main Street!




 Here's a group of neighbors/friends/church family grouped together in the crowd!

 I think in the end, Benjamin really enjoyed being a police officer! : -)
He definitely succeeded in being the cuteness factor for Kyle's Clipper marketing team.
Just got this picture because they are so cute and are some of  Kyle's customers.


Valerie Bowes said...

Wonderful pictures of such a wonderfully fun event!! :) Thank you so much for capturing all those super fun moments! You got some REALLY good pictures! That was so much fun to get to throw the candy instead of catching it . . especially with my sweet little side kick. :)

Taylor Smith said...

Wow those are sooo cool. It was sure a blast to be in that parade!! Wasn't sure about it at first but then once I started I couldn't stop smiling! Thanks so much Mrs Bowes for taking all these special pictures and posting them for all to see!

Victoria Bowes said...

Oh that was sooooo fun! Awesome pictures, as always! You did an amazing job! I love the picture that shows Brielle waving. SO CUTE!

Meemom said...

Great pictures!!! Love seeing Robyn since we dont get to see her very often. I think Benjamin is probably the most handsome policeman in the whole USA. Hope the family effort brings in some new business for Kyle's Clipper. The sign Benjamin was carrying was a very clever idea and I liked the RED shirts!!!

Evan Smythe said...

That was such a special time!!! Thank you SO much Mrs. Bowes for being able to capture the right moments on camera. You're so good at being able to do that. Thanks Kyle as well, for allowing me to participate. It sure was a blast being able to help give you business and I hope you have been benefited by that time. SO FUN!!!!!

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