Monday, August 8, 2016

Horse Riding on the Beach!

Saturday, we enjoyed helping Victoria's dream of bringing horses and friends
to the beach to ride together come true!
We are so thankful that she was feeling good enough after her fall off of Sky on Thursday night!
This was her second and final attempt at pulling this off, as she needs to sell Sky before summer's end, and it can be difficult to get everyone's schedules coordinated for such a day!  She had invited many other friends that have horses, but most were unable to make it. 
However, she couldn't have been happier to have the friends that were able to come, and I think they all had a blast!  Thank you so much dear friends, for making this day so special!!!!
(The pictures are in random order,
partly because they are both from my camera and Valerie's camera.
And there were over 500 of them to look through,
so just getting these few 70ish over to the blog took awhile!)

 Ben's enjoying one of Elanee's most amazing granola bars!
Oh my!  They are the BEST!
Thank you, Elanee, sooooo much!

 We all enjoyed having Joffrey and Lola join us.
(These are the two dogs that Elanne was dog sitting!
They are soooo sweet!)



Victoria Bowes said...

What a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing all those great pictures and capturing that special day! I had a blast and am so thankful for the friends who could join us and make it so much more special! Another highlight to my year for sure! :)

The pictures are soooooooooooooooo great!!!

Evan Smythe said...

Wow!!! Once again, such amazing photos Mrs. Bowes! Those ones of the volleyball game and the ones of my sister horseback riding were so cool. Thanks so much for capturing such wonderful memories!!! :)

Hannah Gardner said...

Wow! :-) That's awesome! Wish I could of made it, but hopefully next time. :-) God Bless

Ted and Karen said...

Wow I live vicariously through my grandkids. What a fun thing to do. Love you all, Grammie

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