Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Few More Pictures From the Weekend!

On the way home from riding the horses on the beach,
our new friend Daniel took Timmy and Joe for a plane ride!!!
What a special treat for them!
The picture below is of the bridge across the Columbia River to and from WA and OR!
(Timmy took the pictures!)

 Back home, on Sunday, we enjoyed some volleyball in the rain!

In between games, I asked the girls for a quick picture . . .
and this is what popped up in the background . . . ;-)

Fun times!
Thank you, friends!!!!


Evan Smythe said...

Those are great photos!!! That last one especially is SO funny!!! You never did get a full photo of just the girls without us guys photobombing. :) But again, great photos!!!

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Meemom said...

Even in the rain, looks like a fun time. So pretty and green there. Cannot wait to be there!!

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