Thursday, November 12, 2015

Valerie's Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday, the whole family (minus working Kyle) went out to celebrate Valerie's birthday! Daddy was even able to take the day off!  Valerie thought it would be fun to head up to Olympia and do some thrift store shopping at Value Village, as they were having their Veteran's Day 50% off sale! Then, we enjoyed visiting a brand new Hobby Lobby store that recently opened up in Lacey.  What a fun shopping experience, especially in their Christmas area!  Then, a Costco stop, before heading to Thorbeckes FitLife Center to check out their facility for playing indoor volleyball.  (Which they found as a possibility in their racquetball court . . .with a special name . . . Wallyball!) Turns out, they were having a special Veteran's Day sale too, with buy a month family pass and receive a second month free!  So we did that, and then we all (minus me and B and B) had a great time playing indoors for a couple hours!

Too bad they still had their Happy Halloween sign still up! : -(

Valerie's choice for lunch:  Panda Express!

(I wasn't able to get a photo at Thorbeckes, but they all had a great time there!  So much so, that they are currently on their way back there this afternoon to play some more while I  type this!  The boys are especially looking forward to swimming in their pool!  So, I think it was definitely a big hit, and we'll get good use out of our buy-one-month-get-one-free family pass during these next two rainy months!  It was great timing!  Thank you, Lord!)

Happy Birthday, Valerie!  We love you sooooo much! 

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