Wednesday, November 4, 2015

To Our Four Precious Blessings . . .

Happy 19th Birthday!
 You are each truly very unique and special blessings to us!
We thank God for you, and His perfect, providential plan in bringing you into the world all at once,
and for the good plans He has in store for you in the days and years ahead.
We have loved watching you grow up into the Godly young man and ladies that you are!
Keep abiding in the Lord each day, and seek to please Him in everything!
We love you soooo much!
 Thanks so much for all the fun, joy, laughter and all-around blessings
you bring into our lives each day! 


Eden said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you all have an awesome day filled with many blessings! :):)

Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Valerie, Caroline, Kyle, and Victoria!! Have a splendid day!!

Meemom said...

Hope it was a wonderful day. You are definitely the neatest set of quadruplets that I know.
Much love, Meemom

AZDonna said...

Happy birthday, quads! I remember those four tiny little burritos cuddled up together in one bassinet. So precious. What wonderful young adults you have grown into. Blessings and love!

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