Monday, November 2, 2015

5K Pictures!

  Thank you all SOOOOOOO much for all your prayers and support for the 5K!
It was an awesome encouraging time!
As you'll see in the photos, the weather wasn't exactly ideal for a 5K! ;-)
But the super smiles of our dear friends and family absolutely brightened the day!
(You'll see the abundant smiles in many of the photos below!)

Richie and Lydia have written a special thank you to those of you who came out on Saturday . . .
"Wow WHAT A DAY! Our hearts are just bursting right much love and so much support and JOY was shared today during a rather ludicrous event! The weather couldn't have been much worse for a 5k. But you wouldn't know it by the MANY happy smiling (dripping) faces gathered under a few ez up tents! We feel so loved and so thankful for the incredible people that showed up today and ran or walked their hearts out in the pouring rain!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I am so thankful for the help of a sweet friend in taking many of these pictures.
Her name is Emily C. and she is on the far right in the photo below.
Thank you so much, Emily!!!!
Mr. C., the tallest one in the back, was also a huge help to Ted in calling out the bib numbers as the runners approached the finish line!  Thank you!!!
Emily was so helpful to me in getting many of the finish-line photos.
She did great!!!
We were a bit limited with what we could get while standing stationary under the tent,
so as not to get our cameras wet!
It was quite challenging to get everything and everyone.
I wished I could've gotten more . . .
especially a group photo!
I also would have loved to get pictures of the all the "Adoption Awareness" signs that Ted made and displayed along the route.  They were really awesome!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And I am soooo sorry if we missed any of you in the photos!  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The set-up crew . . .   
 We started setting-up around 7:30am.


  Rich and Janet were soooooo awesome!
They brought a generator and made COFFEE!!!
What a wonderful, warm treat for all of us!
They also helped SO much with set-up, parking, and registration.
Thank you sooooo much!!!
 Janet also made four beautifully handcrafted cedar items for the raffle. 
Pictured below are two of them. 
Before running in the race themselves,
the sisters got everyone checked-in and registered.
 Friends starting showing up early!
Even three of these four guys that had quite a drive!
(A special thanks to Abe on the right that helped us mark the 5K out!)
Michael, Evan, Matthew and Abe!
Joanne and Julie

Laura, Sheryl and Linda

Pastor Dean and Linda

Jeff, Mike, Glenn and Ron

Mike and Sherri

Janet and Julie

Pam and Johnna

David, Heidi, Shelbe, Jed and Zeke

Cynthia and Steve

Rachel and Darrell

The Daker and Holencik families

Genevieve and Amy
Cynthia and Linda V.
Ben C. and Bethany S.
Cathy S. and Janet. F.
Getting ready to start the race!
On your mark, get set, go!
(in waves . . . )

Ben L. in first!
  Abe L. in second!   
 Ryan T. in third!
  Kyle was 4th and Evan was 5th!

 Caroline came in 6th overall, and first girl!!!  Woo hoo! 
Michael came in 7th!
John S. in 8th!
There's his smile!!!
 Valerie in 9th overall, and second girl!
James C. in 10th!
Matthew, Shelbe, and David

 Rachel makin' it look easy!

 Amy L., Victoria, Ben C., Lydia, and Bethany S.
Zach C.
Joshua and  Megan



Rachel and Jodi

 Just a Saturday stroll in the park for Pastor Dean and his beautiful bride . . . .



Linda, Laura and Sheryl
 Bethany and Laura (and Laura's bro John for the second time :-)
Hope, Casey, and Althea
Brielle and Ben :-)
Cathy and Janet

Ron and Richie

Cynthia and Linda V.

Johnna and Joanne :-)
Julie and Sherri
Mike, Steve, Julie B. and Brenda

Richie and Lydia made lots of popcorn to give away!

 Prize and give-away time!
Ryan T. (far right) was one of the first raffle prize winners,
receiving the Show Hope blue mug!

A few of the prizes . . . .  

We are praising the Lord for the super awesome outcome of this amazing day!
Our Father of the fatherless saw fit to bless us above and beyond all we could ask . . .
exceeding our fund-raising goal . . .through all of YOU!
Thank you again to all of you who braved the unfavorable weather to join us in this effort!
Your smiles and joyful attitudes just blessed our soggy socks right off!
And to all of you who were with us "in spirit" by your thoughts, prayers and donations . . .
Richie and Lydia wrote this to you . . .
"And to ALL of you who were not able to be there and donated so generously to adoption and in support of us . . . THANK YOU. We are overwhelmed by your kindness and having your thoughts and prayers for this has been so very encouraging and uplifting and makes a HUGE difference for us both...emotionally and physically! You are all so special and dear to us in your many different ways. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!"
We have THE BEST friends and family EVER!!!!!!


Kate said...

That is amazing!!!! Praise the Lord! ;)

Meemom said...

So sorry I was 1500 miles away and could not make it in the pouring down rain. Lol
So happy for Lydia and Richie that this was a huge success. These people who came and ran in that weather are amazing people. The whole family is grateful for such amazing friends.

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