Thursday, November 5, 2015

Celebrating Birthdays Quadruplet Style!

From early on, we've tried to give each of the quadruplets a special day to "call their own" in celebration of the special gift they are to us, and the unique person that God has made them to be. 
Over the years, it has changed to giving them a couple different days . . .
one in which they pick their favorite breakfast, dinner and dessert choice,
and then another day where they can choose a family activity.
So far, Kyle, Caroline and Victoria have celebrated their birthdays with their special activity,
and we've fit in almost all of the special meal days!
This year, they decided on going out to our favorite Chinese Food restaurant for a combined dinner celebration.  We did this back when Papa Bob and Meemom were still here . . . in early October!
For breakfasts . . . .
Valerie chose monkey bread!
Victoria chose Caroline's amazing fruit Danish . . .
this time with peaches!  
(Thank you, Caroline, for making it!!!)

Caroline chose waffles with strawberry topping,
and egg casserole.
 Kyle chose "Dutch Babies" with apple topping!
For the desserts, we only got two out of the four in,
as we have been baking soooooo much for other things in the past couple weeks.
(We did bake and take two cakes to Kyle's birthday bash on the beach.  Unfortunately, we just didn't end up getting them out of the camper to the beach to share with our friends!  And then once we got them home, we didn't take a picture!)  
~ ~ ~ ~
Caroline requested Valerie's special peach pie!
(Thanks Valerie for making it!!!)
Valerie requested homemade cheesecake with cherry topping!
Victoria asked for mint brownies,
and she actually did get them made for her on her first day of work at the Veterinary office.
But we didn't get a picture of them that day,
thinking we would make them again for her birthday celebration. 
But after all our baking, she decided that was probably not needed! :-)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here are some pictures of all the sweets we've made recently . . .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The following five photos were of desserts made for the dessert competition at the WPC Heritage Weekend conference in Vancouver.
Caroline's Caramel Milky Way Bars
They won second place!!!

Valerie made these Fudgy Reeses Bars

Our special sugar cookies!

Valerie's special peach pie!

Victoria's beautiful pumpkin roll!
She also made the most amazing apple spice muffins with sea salt carmel topping.
But they needed to be somewhat assembled once we got there,
so we missed getting a photo of them!

This counter full of goodies were made for a Family Fun Harvest Party at church.
They were part of a raffle that benefited Richie and Lydia's adoption fund!
 And then today,
we took these goodies over to a dear friend's house who was also hosting a fund-raiser for Richie and Lydia.

This picture below was taken today at the Christmas d├ęcor/egg-nog latte and baked goods sale
(by donations)
that our friend hosted.  Thanks SOOOOOOOO much, Brooks!!!!
What a very special blessing!

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