Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Victoria's First Time as a Judge!

Victoria was asked to judge the meat goat 4-H competition at the WA State Fair this past Sunday!
She doesn't look intimidating at all!
 Indeed, she was probably the sweetest, kindest, most encouraging judge these kids have ever had!  
 She's been on the other side as a young showman so many times
that she sure knows what it is like to be the one in the show ring being judged.
 Being a showman for so many years,
has also given her the experience she needed to be a good and  fair judge.
(I think she knows everything there is to know about showmanship and meat goat conformation!)
 But being a judge for the first time still stretched her out of her comfort zone.

 She is not a "natural" at public speaking,
so that aspect alone was quite intimidating for her! 
But she did GREAT and we couldn't be more proud of her for accepting this new challenge!

 She was most comfortable with judging the goats for the best conformation.



Meemom said...

Congratulations Victoria!!! Looks like you did a great job. Love, Meemom

Kate said...

Great job, Victoria!!!

Victoria said...

Thanks Meemom and Kate! I had fun. :)

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