Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Day of the 2015 WA State Fair!

We love the opening day of the WA State Fair!
We go every year for the free entrance and the entertaining, 1pm Pro Rodeo.
It was a warm, but beautiful day!

The fair goers . . .
Unfortunately, we missed having Valerie with us, as she needed to be home for some folks picking up their puppies.
And Kyle's friend Abraham joined us!
 It was Benjamin's turn this year for Mutton Bustin!!!  
He, of course, was well prepared in his cowboy attire!
 The bros!
 All ready!
And there he goes!  
 He's a tough,
but "short" rider! ;-)
 We learned a really exciting and important fact at the fair . . .
Ronald Reagan was a blueberry fan?
We know there was a lot to love about him,
but this . . . THIS goes right to the top of the list!!! ;-)  


Michael Berkompas said...

Benny is such a tough little guy! Even if the ride was a little short, I'm sure he did great. :)

Meemom said...

Extreme cuteness makes up for a short ride.

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