Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kyle's 19th Birthday Celebration!

This past weekend, we headed to Long Beach, WA to celebrate Kyle's 19th birthday.
This year, he chose to invite a couple old friends and a few new friends to camp and play volleyball
on Friday evening and all day on Saturday.
We arrived at a horse camp that is pretty close to the beach around 5pm on Friday night.
The volleyball net went up quickly so the first to arrive could play a little before it got too dark.
We love having whole families come out to play and fellowship with!
The dads, some of the moms, and most of the older kids all played volleyball at some point
during the weekend!

 Taking time to set up a big tent for the Lampert family.
 We had a hot dog roast and pot-luck side dish dinner at the camp.

 We enjoyed a nice time of visiting by lantern light after the sun went down, until about 10:30pm.
And then woke up to a blueberry pancake breakfast,
and an awesome devotional by Mr. Smythe.

 Praying . . .
 Reading Scripture  . . .
(many reading off of their phones, ipads, etc.)


Singing. . .

Mr. Smythe also gave a special blessing to the birthday quads.
The Lampert Family brought small kites for each of the little ones.
They loved them!

 Of course, they also did lots of playing in the sand!
This was an interesting sight that we had never seen before on the beach  . . .
synchronized kite flying!

It was amazing! 

Lots and lots of volleyball!
I took a bunch of photos, so these are just a few!
It was hard to pick which ones!

I think we ended up having about four teams of 6 for most of the time. 

The day included a mix of cloudy skies and nice sunshine! 
Then, towards the end of the day they played "speed" volleyball,
where smaller teams rotate quickly each time the ball is missed. 

Not pictured was an "old guys" (dads) vs. "young guys" (sons) volleyball competition,
and the Devine Family vs. Bowes Family game. 

Kyle felt very blessed by these old and new friends
that were willing to come out and celebrate with us!
Thank you all! 

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