Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Dinner and Timmy's 11th Birthday Party!

Last night we had a very fun time with family celebrating fall and Timmy's birthday!!
We enjoyed a big, autumn dinner and then the party festivities began! :-)
It was especially fun having Aunt Kelley and Cassidy visiting here,
as they came out to pick out their first-pick of Pure Joy's male Labrador puppies!
We were so happy that Papa Bob, Meemom, Richie and Lydia were also able to join us!  
The quadruplets gave Timmy a "QUAD" copter!
Aunt Kelley and Cassidy gave Timmy a Star Wars Lego set!
 (Timmy is also looking very forward to his annual special birthday outing
and shopping with Lydia this coming week! 
And he sure got lots of enjoyment from the boat innertube that Papa Bob and Meemom gave him and Joe for an early birthday gift!!!)
  And since there was a good-sized group gathered,
how could we not play our family's favorite game??? :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So with no further ado,
here's a few more Reverse Charade pictures!!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It's always funny when all of the team members are doing different things! ;-)
 Looks like Kyle is thinking "Ewwwww!!!!"

So, here, Timmy is swimming . . . .
while the others of us are acting out a ??????
 Awww . . . go Meemom! 
 Hmmm . . . . something on four "legs" that has "2" "humps"?????
 Go Valerie!
  Is Meemom praying that our team will get this?
I think it IS getting guessed whatever it is!
 Looks like fun, whatever we're doing! :-)
 Hmmm . . . what is Timmy doing under the jacket? :-)
 Go Richie!  Making us laugh hysterically!

 Awww. . . . . the "sumo wrestlers" did their best sumo wrestler impression, but
I think acting out the "wrestling" part was a little awkward and difficult! :-)
 Didn't mind being a "tree hugger" for this occassion!
 Hmmmm. . . .Lydia doesn't seem to be taking this dire rescue from "quicksand" very seriously! :-) 
 Oh boy! This one is easy for Richie to act out . . . .
well, that is if the "Whopper" was actually made from his own farm fed beef. :-)
Oh, and we discovered this night that Cassidy is the best guesser ever!!!! 
(I was glad she was on my team!!!! :-) 
And that wraps up another very fun time with family playing this silly game! :-)
Thanks everyone for such a wonderful evening!


Bethany said...

Such funny pictures!!! Happy Birthday, Timmy! I think we should get this Reverse Charades game... looks like so much fun!

Kelley said...

So fun!!!!

Michael Berkompas said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I put something in the mail for you Timmy, for your birthday, but it got returned due to not enough postage, so look for it either tomorrow or Friday... :) Happy Birthday!

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