Monday, September 28, 2015

Caroline and Victoria's Birthday Celebration with Horses on the Beach!

Thank you, Lord, for another amazingly beautiful weekend!!!
We were soooo very blessed to enjoy this special time with
Victoria, Caroline and their horses on the beach.

 First ride of the weekend was at Seaside. 
This was their first time riding there.
It was also Bree's very first time EVER at the beach!

 Back at the horse camp and arena . . . .

 This "bridge" was left in the arena from a trail competition the weekend before.
So it gave them a good opportunity to practice with their horses.
It actually was a "teeter-totter" that provided a little extra challenge for the horses.

 Quite the young cowgirl!
She doesn't ever want to get off the horse!!!!

Victoria especially loved cantering on her new horse, Bree. It was a much better experience on Bree than on her old horse, Gracie, and then also, just being without a horse to ride like that for a whole year!

 Last ride . . .bareback on the beach.

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Meemom said...

wonderful pictures although I dont see any helmets on those beautiful heads. Well that is my job; to worry!! Love, Meemom

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