Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

We're lovin' the new life and color that spring brings!
Thank you, Lord!
"For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord,
I sing for joy at the works of your hands."
Psalm 92:4 
This is a beautiful tree near us.
Is it a Magnolia tree?

So pretty!
The sun has shone brightly for many days already!
And the dandelions have also produced their fair share of color in our yard!
(photo courtesy of Victoria! ;-)
Ben and Dandi-lion ;-)
Caroline and Brielle taking a break from a little spring cleaning! :-)
We also had our family's spring dental cleanings last Monday,
and while at the dentist's office, we happened to be very blessed to find out that (thanks so much, Carolyn!) Dairy Queen was celebrating their 75th year of business, and were giving out
free ice-cream cones!!!!
So, being that we were "in town" already, how could we turn down such an offer? :-)
It felt a little awkward driving our 15 passenger van through the drive-thru to collect ten free cones,
but they were very kind and hospitable to us!
That was a very sweet treat on an otherwise not-so-pleasant trip to town!   
 Image result for dairy queen free cones
Then, last Wednesday and Thursday night, all six adults in our house went to CPR and First Aid class!   This is offered free to foster-home folks as a requirement for licensing.
We feel blessed to be able to be refreshed in this life-saving skill every two years.
Thanks so much to Lydia and Richie for watching the little ones for us on Wednesday night!!
That was a special treat for them! :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Woo hoo! Our littlest pets are back!!!
Timothy took all of these hummingbird pictures!!!


The puppies have all gone to their new homes!
 They have been sooooo much fun!

We were very blessed recently by some friends that hosted a "Spring Dance."
They had a great turn-out for it,
with lots of energy and tons of fun!
Here they are doing the "Postie's Jig,"
one of their favorites!

 On Saturday, us girls were so grateful for an invite to a "Ladies Tea"
that some special friends were hosting in their home.
It is always such a blessing for us to have such sweet fellowship!
It was a lovely time!
The boys enjoy dying "spring" eggs as part of their craft/art time! ;-)
And Timmy's baseball season has started with practices each afternoon!
Their first tournament is this weekend!
Oh boy! 


Kate said...

Those pictures of the tree are gorgeous! And I loved the one of Brielle and Caroline. :)

Meemom said...

Tmothy, you did a great job on the humingbird pictures. Great pictures of the tree. I dont think I have seen a pink magnolia. I thought they were white, but maybe they are pink also. The dances looks like so much fun. And yes, the picture of Caroline and Brielle is so cute. No grass growing under the Bowes family feet!!! Love, meemom

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