Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April 1st!

Hello there family and friends! 
How was your April Fool's day?
Were you involved in the giving or receiving of any April Fool's pranks?
In a surprising sort of way, our house was actually quite quiet in this regard this year.  :-) 
I think it snuck up on all of us!
This past week has been a busy one for us with Timmy's baseball season starting up.
They kicked things off with a 5 game weekend tournament.
The weather was fairly good, but unfortunately, his team was not off to the best start!
Here he is, #24, with his team, getting the instructions before the tournament began.  
He loved having lots of time on the mound!

  The picture below was of Timmy on the mound in the second game.
First up-to-bat was a good one!
It was almost a home run!
There are always lots of good skills and character traits to learn
and build upon when you're part of a team, huh?
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
On Saturday evening, Victoria and Valerie were very blessed to be able to go to the Keith and Kristyn Getty concert in Mount Vernon, WA with our beloved Pastor Dean and his super sweet wife, Linda.
(Pastor Dean took this photo below.)
Pastor Dean showed this picture to the congregation on Sunday,
and said something like,
"Here, Keith is gesturing over our way and saying 'We'd particularly like to thank Valerie, Victoria, Dean and Linda, who drove all the way up here from Mossyrock.' " 
Oh, how we love our Pastor Dean for SO many reasons . . . . .
his sense of humor being one of them!!!  :-)
They all said it was very amazing to hear them in person!!!
Among many of the awesome songs they played was a song so perfect for this season of celebrating Jesus' resurrection.  It's called "Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!"
Valerie and Victoria were especially grateful to hear this song as the girls prepare to play it this Sunday at church!
Thought ya'll might enjoy listening to it!
(This is a video of them signing it, but not from this Saturday night's concert.)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Meanwhile, back at home,
the young ones are keeping us quite busy, and are growing in every way each day.
The boys are working hard at their schoolwork,
and are currently fascinated with their latest catch-and-release victim pet
that Kyle brought home for them.  
So far, it hasn't escaped its enclosure yet, so that's good!  :-)


Emma said...

Ohhh! I love the Getty's music too! I listen to it all the time! I'm so glad to hear that Valerie and Victoria got to hear them live! How fun! :-)

Jordan Strang said...

Seriously jealous of some of you seeing the Gettys!!!! ;) Just sayin!

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