Monday, April 20, 2015

A Couple Pictures of our "Newest" New Addition!

Introducing "Charlie" . . .
Pure Joy Labradors' newest stud, coming all the way from Oregon!

Oh my!
Almost too much cuteness to stand! :-) 
 A little candid shot while introducing Charlie to his hometown tulip farm! : -)
 Charlie and the "Quads"
at the tulip field.


Eden said...

Great pictures!!! I love the one of Valerie, so pretty!:)

Kate said...

Valerie must be so excited. :) Where were the tulip fields?

Elanee said...

How beautiful:) we went to the Tulip Festival recently as well. Was that your first time there? Where did you all get the puppy from? He's SO cute:)

Meemom said...

Very cute!!!!!!!! and the puppy is cute too!!! I love these pictures.
Very handsome people. Love , Meemom

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