Tuesday, March 3, 2015

She's Been Found!

Yay!  Sally the salamander has been found!
On Saturday morning, a few days after her disappearance,
she was spotted by our little friend Mary,
as she and Benjamin were playing in the living room. 
I think Mary wondered if we always had salamanders roaming around our house! ;-)
Sally was immediately scooped up and placed in another container . . .with a lid!
And today, she was happily released in the pond in our woods.
Hooray for a happy ending for all of us!  :-)
 So, Meemom, have no fear, the coast is clear!!!
(For you to come visit! :-)


Meemom said...

So happy to hear that and I bet the Salamander was happy too!!!! Love, Meemom

Elanee said...

Oh that's so wonderful:) what a nice pet!

Kate said...

Hooray! ;)

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