Monday, March 2, 2015

A Very Special Blessing!

We had a special guest visit us on Saturday.
 His name is Olaf, and he a very special blessing, and an answer to prayer!
We first met him last December while visiting some new friends in Oregon.
He's a very good, long-time friend of theirs.
He is a dear brother in the Lord, and now, we feel so blessed to call him "friend."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Last month, when we were visiting with our friends again in Oregon,
he also stopped by to visit.
Being a logger by profession,
we asked for his opinion on how to take down our old, dead maple tree that had become quite a danger to all the kids that play in our front yard.
To our surprise, he didn't just advise us,
he offered to come and take it down for us!
Wow, we can hardly express what a tremendous blessing this was and is to us! 
Such a very special provision from the Lord!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So, this past Saturday was the big day!
The Lord also blessed us with another gorgeous, warm and sunny day!
The cheering section! ;-)
We were so blessed to have our sweet friends come with Olaf!
All 12 of them!
We had a double blessing of having a wonderful day of
food, fun and fellowship after the tree cutting! 

He did such an awesome job!
It safely came down exactly where he wanted it to!
Excellent work, Olaf!
Thank you soooooo very much!  

Pictured below . . . . when Olaf graciously asked Ted how he would like it cut up
(the tree on the ground),
Ted said, "I was thinking maybe carved (the stump) into an eagle or a bear . . .
and with a "welcome" sign would be nice!" ;-)  

We were very blessed to have lots of help cutting it up! 
Thank you, thank you Christopher and Isaiah!!!

So many special blessings in one day!
Thank you, Lord! 


Kate said...

Wow! What a blessing! Makes me miss everyone included in this blog post. :)

Meemom said...

That was a very interesting video and pictures of the maple tree. He obviously knows what he is doing. Wonderful of him to come do that for you all. Love, Meemom

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