Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blessed Family Life!

Last night while doing the dinner dishes, I was smiling to myself and praising the Lord as I was listening to all the sweet sounds around me.  Daddy and Kyle were sitting in the living room, Bibles in hand, discussing deep theological doctrines.  Valerie and Caroline were sitting in the middle of the floor giggling, with Benny and Brielle happily running around them squealing, "duck, duck, duck."  And Victoria, Timmy and Joe were having sweet little discussions as they played "Sorry!" at the table.  I thought to myself . . . what a wonderfully blessed, abundant life!  Thank you so much, Lord!

Now. . . . if we could just find the giant salamander that escaped from its container on the kitchen counter last night . . . before it dies . . . life would be especially sweet! :-)
Image result for northwestern brown salamander
Where, oh where, could she be?


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

How special!!!

And I hope you find that salamander quickly!! I found out recently that the type of salamander we catch out here (and have been for years)... is poisonous... :P Not to scare you or anything, but.... they are best in a jar or outside, lol!!


Kate said...

Wonderful, and I do hope you all find that salamander. :)

Meemom said...

please find the salamander before our visit. Love you, Meemom

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