Friday, March 14, 2014

Wonderful 25th Anniversary Celebration!

What a great time we had at the ocean!
We were so blessed with gorgeous, sunny weather!
 We did lots of walking and hiking,
and I kept finding heart shaped things. : -)
(wood heart on the left, and rock heart on the right)
Our very first stop was at the Astoria Column.
We hiked up the steep spiral staircase for a beautiful view of the Columbia River.

Then, on to Cannon Beach!
We went for a long walk all the way down the beach,
and asked a few folks to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary by taking our picture. : -)

We enjoyed several quiet mealtimes!

We found many new great places to hike!

As you can see, it was such a beautiful, sunny day!!!
Thank you, Lord for this sweet blessing!

 And to top it all off,
was a dinner at Mo's for Ted's favorite seafood dish! 
We thought this was a funny sign. 
After following the "Tsunami Evacuation Route" signs to find our way to the highway this morning,
we ended up at this sign.  : -)


Kyle Bowes said...

Wow, Mommy, you let Daddy take you into a seafood restaurant? I can't help but think of the SCC song that goes something like: "And it's crazy when love gets a hold of you, and it's crazy things that love will make you do!" :0D

Lookin' forward to seeing you both tomorrow!

AZDonna said...

I loved this post and all the pictures of you lovebirds and the scenery! What a lovely seaside getaway you had. I'm so glad you got to celebrate in a special way. Love you two! Sending hugs. :)

Maria said...

Congratulations Robyn and Ted on your 25th anniversary! Your commitment is a rarity in today's world, and your family and friends are blessed by your commitment to one another and doing it God's way. We love your photos! Thanking God for the both of you, Gina Booy

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Donna!
Thanks for your note! Your long-time friendship is such a special joy to us! Thanks for the many ways you've blessed us over all these years! Sending hugs back to you!

The Bowes Family said...

Thanks soooo much, Gina, for your sweet words of encouragement! We are very blessed by YOUR family's Godly ways and influence!!
Thanking God for you!

Meemom said...

Great pictures. Glad you had some nice weather. Will look forward to seeing your 50 year pictures. Much love, Meemom

Unknown said...

25 years! You two have not aged a day since I have known you! What beautiful pix! I love the heart shaped items you found! Gods amazing creations left to show you two His great love for you!

Love ya and miss ya, terry

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