Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh, Taste and See That the Lord is Good!

Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
Psalm 34:8
A few random pictures from this week!

We had a couple very nice sunny and warm days! 
The boys always love going fishing!
Benjamin is always bringing a smile to our faces with his many hats . . . .
and need for style! : -)

We sure enjoyed being out in the sun!!!
Caroline participated in adjudications on Tuesday.
She did fabulous, as always! : -)
She was chosen to perform in the honors recital on Sunday afternoon!  Woo hoo!
Victoria and Caroline took on a road trip over the mountains to help a fellow goat breeder by doing some work for her for a couple days. 
(This picture in an old one . . . taken back in the summer! 
But with two of their special goats that came from their friend that they are working for.  ;-)
Kyle has been working very diligently on getting his landscaping business off the ground,
and this week he was actually able to mow a bit!   Good job, Kyle!  
Valerie, Timothy, Joseph, Benjamin, Brielle and I enjoyed another visit to Richie and Lydia's farm on sunny Wednesday.
The boys like to bottle feed the lambs.  : -)

We had Brielle's monthly case-worker visit on Monday, and also a visit by a developmental assessor,
as she is being referred for physical therapy for a few minor needs.
And lastly,
so thankful for the older blessings,
"holding the fort down" while Ted and I get-away for a couple days for our anniversary celebration!
Valerie is the main sibling-watcher extraordinaire today,
while Kyle, Victoria and Caroline are away with their various projects.
But it's a win-win for her and the little ones,
as they are all enjoying themselves immensely!
I don't think they are missing us one little bit! : -)
 Race car that Valerie made today with the boys!!!

Thank you Lord, for all these many blessings!!!!


Bethany said...

I enjoyed these pictures!!! :) Excellent job on your piano performance, Caroline!

Eden said...

Great pictures! Its fun to see what you all have been up to! :)

Congrats to Caroline on the piano performance!!!!!!

Maria said...

Caroline, wonderful news on the outcome of your adjudications. Bravo! Valerie, great job for loving your brothers and making such a creative and tasty looking car into a cake. My girls and I were trying to figure out what you used. Great job! Kyle, good job for getting your business needs and jobs underway. Caroline and Victoria, bless you for helping someone else with their goat needs. Lord's blessings, Mrs. Booy

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