Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring!

What did you do today, on this first day of spring? 
What did the day look like at your house?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here's a little of what we did,
and what the day looked like in our neck-of-the-woods!
We were definitely praising the Lord for the sunshine!!
(And not much rain at all! ;-)
 Timmy, Joe and Ben worked in the garden,
picking up some newly exposed rocks.
Lots to do to get it ready for planting!
Fun, fun!  
 Holly and Valerie enjoyed playing ball together!
Holly, Pure Joy Labradors' newest addition, at 5 months!
Kyle, went to work on all the grass that is rapidly growing!
 I thoroughly enjoyed watching the hummingbirds
return to the feeders out our front windows.
The goat kids played in the sun,
while Victoria and Caroline
worked on the final preparations for their
"Boer Goat Photography and Clipping" seminar
they will be presenting at the upcoming boer goat show!

Valerie and I took a trip to nearby DeGoede's
and purchased some colorful pansies
and planted them in our flower beds!  Yay!
 Ooooh how I love the smell of the hyacinths!
Timmy is currently enjoying the sunshine
at his baseball practice. 
And the rest of us just saw this rainbow out our back window!
And last but not least,
Joe just HAD to go frog hunting!!! 
And Ben went along as a frog-catching helper! : -)


Kyle Bowes said...

Yes, friends, as you can see, we Boweses grow our own rocks every year!!! Unfortunately, we haven't figured out a way to make them edible (yet). And the pioneers came all the way out here because of the supposedly rich, rock-less soil . . . (they most definitely were disanointed if they settled on our hill) ;0)

Eden said...

Fun pictures! I can't wait to get our garden started this year!

Us kids have done our share of "rock-picking-up" too! It's great busy work! :P

Meemom said...

What a beautiful day and seemed perfect for all of the Bowes activities. Loved the pictures. Love, Meemom

Nice truck Kyle!!!!!!

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