Monday, March 3, 2014

Busy Weekend ~ Update!

Whew!  This was a crazy weekend for most of us! 
We are grateful that with as many directions as we were all going in,
the Lord brought us all safely back together again by late Saturday night!
5:15am - Daddy leaves for his weekly men's Bible study and prayer group.
6:30 am - Valerie, Mommy and Brielle leave for conference in Seattle
8 am - Kyle meets a man that buys his car!
11am ~ "Babe" the goat delivers quadruplets.
4:00pm - Daddy and Kyle leave for their drive to Kalama to look at/buy a truck. (or not!)
8:30 pm - Daddy and Kyle return home from their "scenic drive." : -(
9 pm - Valerie, Mommy and Brielle return home from Seattle.
6 am - Daddy, Victoria, Timmy, Joe and Ben leave for Yakima and Touchet
to deliver two goats and pick-up one!
7 am - Valerie, Mommy and Brielle head back for Seattle.
(On a side note, we passed this accident that had just happened moments before
in the south-bound I-5 lanes.)
12:30pm Kyle heads out town in his very cool back-up vehicle (15 passenger van)
to play ultimate frisbee with friends. 
(That is, once he gets it jump-started!  Thanks so much for Aunt Kelley's help!) 
4 pm -  Daddy and his crew arrive back home from the goat deliveries/pick-up.
4:30 pm - Daddy and Kyle leave to drive to Portland to look at another truck.
6:30pm - Valerie, Mommy and Brielle leave the conference early to arrive back home in order to prepare for an early start on Sunday!
9:30pm - Daddy and Kyle return back home with Kyle's new truck!
At the conference, they had this huge black-board wall titled . . . "Caring for the least of these has made me . . ."
Valerie and I thought about it and talked about it for a while.
We came up with . . .
" . . . think more about eternal things rather than the temporal."
 1 Co. 4: 17-18

One of our favorite parts at the conference was an awesome time of worship in the mornings.
This was very REFRESHING!
We also learned some good information and met a really special family.
We went to their workshop at the end of our day on Saturday,
and it was just what we longed to hear and a perfect way to end the conference!
They mostly spoke words of Truth and Hope from God's word that really encouraged our hearts!

Victoria and Caroline have some good news and bad news to share.
Their special doe ended up having quadruplets,
with three of them being stillborn.
However, the one that survived is a very healthy and colorful buck. (The one Victoria is holding.)
They are very happy with him!

And then, they are excited about their other new addition they purchased.
A baby doe that they are currently trying to encourage Babe to adopt.  : -)

And last but not least,
Kyle has had some highs and lows with his vehicle sale and purchase.
But as you all know, all of it is GOOD when God is in it!
You can follow along with all the good things the Lord has done on Kyle's blog at:


Eden said...

Great pictures! I enjoyed looking at those and reading everything!

Bethany said...

Wait. Some of you were in Portland?! ;)

Elanee said...

Praise God you all were spared from the accident. Looks like you all have been busier than we have. What was the conference for that you attended?

The Bowes Family said...

Thanks Eden and Bethany! : -) Your comments always make us smile!

Hi Elanee!
Yes, indeed, Valerie and I had just been commenting about how "smooth sailing" our trip was compared to the trip there and back during rush hour traffic on Friday! The interstate was pretty clear that early in the morning, and something like that accident still happened. As it turned out, we heard there was a drunk driver involved. We praise the Lord no one was hurt!!!

The conference we went to is called "Refresh" and is primarily for foster and adoptive families. They brought in about 60 speakers to inform and encourage families about all things relating to fostering and adoption. Many of the topics had to do with equipping parents to learn how to help children that have come from really hard situations.

The conference was held at Overlake church, and it made Valerie and I really excited about the HS conference coming up soon!! Can't wait to see you all there!

Thanks again for the comments!
Love hearing from you!
Lots of love,
Mrs. Bowes

Elanee said...

Oh wow. That's sounds like a really neat conference. I wish I had known about it. We are looking forward to seeing you all at Christian Heritage:) I can't believe how fast it's coming up.

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