Friday, March 7, 2014

Springtime Here in the Pacific NW . . .

    . . . means you don't mind being indoors doing school
and lots of other indoor activities,
because it's usually raining . . . a lot.
There's plenty of time to  . . .
build forts with Lincoln logs, then, knock them down with a catapult,
so you can rebuild them again!

 And when there is a cloud break,
but just before it downpours again,
you can go on an epic salamander round-up down by the lake,
then, re-home them to your little pond.  

 And when big sister, Lydia, stops by,
it's always a good time to play a game.
 And it's always a good time for 3 bro's to play Geo Track trains!
But one of the best parts of all about the springtime,
is when the sun does come out,
it is GLORIOUS, and soooooo much appreciated!!!
And we get to go on a field trip over to Richie and Lydia's farm . . .
 and happen to show up right when Elsie is delivering her lambs!
 And then, we got to see this adorable little guy in person!
What a beautiful spring day!!! 


1 comment:

Meemom said...

You sure that is Washington? It looks so bright outside. Enjoyed the pictures. Quite the farm Lydia
and Richie have. Love you all, Meemom

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