Thursday, December 12, 2013

Twelve Days Before Christmas!

1.  Thinking lots about all that Jesus has done for us, and praising God for His plan of salvation!

2.  Missing our sweet friend, Marilyn.   We especially miss her sweet smile and special wave as we would often pass one another on our country road.   Still can't imagine life without her.  Praying lots for Bob, and all their family, who miss her so much . . . especially during this Christmas season.  Also, honored and thankful to have a couple small parts in her upcoming Memorial service.
3.  Delivering two sets of triplet goat kids and bottle feeding two of them!

4.   Staying warm, huddled by the fire, spending time together as a family while working on a Christmas puzzle.

5.  Planning, preparing, and practicing for our church's annual "Christmas Talents" program and outreach this Sunday evening!
6.  Wondering if any other family members will get the stomach/abdominal virus we’ve been passing around; and thankful for, but hoping we can avoid another late night at the Pediatric after-hours clinic! 

7.  Enjoying receiving our friends’ and family’s Christmas cards, and possibly getting around to sending out our Christmas photo letter!

8.  Baking, shopping and wrapping for all the upcoming Christmas festivities!  
9.  Making lists and checking them twice for upcoming family meals and gift giving.  

10.  Looking very forward  to our precious family arriving soon from Oregon and Arizona, and all the fun times we’ll have together!    
11.  Meeting 10 families that are taking puppies home just in time for Christmas!

12.Trying to savor the moments we have been given with our loved ones in the midst of it all.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights.  .  ."
James 1:17a

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Meemom said...

Never a dull moment at the Bowes ranch. Looks like a fun and busy time preparing for Christmas festivities. Love the pictures..

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