Sunday, December 15, 2013

Small-town Family Fun!

Our family always enjoys a small, hometown parade!
So last night we especially enjoyed the "lighted tractor" Christmas parade!
Our whole family, including Richie and Lydia, was able to be there,
and we really enjoyed returning a hearty "Merry Christmas"
to many of the parade participants as they walked by.   

 I wasn't able to get very many good pictures of the parade.
But there were a few churches that had nativity related floats,
and a few other various things other than tractors!

 Lots of "Merry Christmas"
abounded in our small town.

 After the parade, we enjoyed having dinner with Lydia and Richie at a little burger restaurant;
 and then drove through a park that had a fun light display. 
There were many signs saying "Merry Christmas" from various local businesses.
We couldn't help but chuckle though on this one from the local college.
 : -) 

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