Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shhhhhh . . . . Don't Tell Papa Bob!!!!

Thanks to Aunt Kelley for the video!!! 
This is all just a "figment"
of our imaginations!!!
It really doesn't ever snow here . . . .  
(hee, hee)
Can you spot the sledder off to the left with the yellow sled?
Swofford Pond spillway on Saturday.

Swofford Pond yesterday.
A little pond ice-skating rink we made from a spring
in the forest on our property.

Don't worry Papa Bob,
I'm sure it will look like this again
when you get here in a few days.  :-)


Lydia said...

Yikes!!!!! Timmy out on the pond!!! We never got back there to see the lake, so I'm so glad you took some pictures of it frozen. Also neat to see the little pond frozen too! The boys must have had a lot of fun with that. Poor Papa Bob, just doesn't know what he's missin' lol
No tattling Meemom, you can just say it's been a *little* chilly in Mossyrock.
Love you all!

Meemom said...

Wow Timothy... what were you thinking???? Looks scary to me. I thought maybe I could tell papa
Bob that there was a huge party and you all threw lots of white confetti in the air. Sounds pretty believable since it never snows there. Love, Meemom

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