Friday, December 6, 2013

Brrrrr . . . It's Cold Outside!

Thankfully, we're staying toasty-warm
by our wood stove and oven!  :-)

Growing up, these cookies were always a part of my family's Christmas tradition!
My sister and I still think they are a must have at Christmastime! 
We LOVE these Mexican Tea Cookies . . . .
or are they Russian Tea Cakes????


Meemom said...

Definitely Mexican Tea Cookies. I only need a huge platter to be saved for me. Love you, Meemom

The Bowes Family said...

Oh, absolutely!!! They will be awaiting you! Can't wait!
Love you!

Kelley said...

They are the best cookies ever!! I can still remember what the whole plate of them tasted like yesterday.

AZDonna said...

I thought they were Mexican Wedding cookies! And they are yummy yum!

The Bowes Family said...

Hee hee! Yes, it is hard to eat just one, or two, or three . . .:-) More will be made soon!

Yes, it is a cookie with many names huh? But there's no mistaking its yumminess! Thanks for your input! :-)


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